Our Award System

Miranda Public School has an award system which is used to encourage and reward students for their achievement, effort, attitude and behaviour.

Types of Awards

Golden Kookaburra Awards can be awarded to students by any teacher, for any reason. Students who receive a small Golden Kookaburra Award place their ‘Kookaburra' in the Kookaburra box at weekly assemblies. If their Kookaburra is drawn out of the box, they are eligible to receive a free snack from the school canteen. These Kookaburras are then handed back to students to collect and receive Special Golden Kookaburra awards and Kookaburra badges.

10 x small Golden Kookaburras = 1 x Special Golden Kookaburra

3 x Special Golden Kookaburras (or 30 x small Golden Kookaburras) = Kookaburra Badge

(The badge is to be sewn onto a student's school hat/cap and worn proudly!)


Blue Merit Awards are awarded to students by class teachers and are given to students at weekly assemblies. Please keep merit awards in a safe place and collect them throughout the school years to receive Principal's Awards.

5 x Blue Merit Awards = Principal's Award


Please keep awards in a safe place and collect them to receive our special awards. Awards are to be handed to the class teacher, which are then submitted to the office. Special awards are given out at weekly assemblies.


Assembly Awards


Other Kookaburra Awards – ‘Catch You Being Good!'

Each semester, Kookaburra awards in other colours are awarded to students by any teacher (except for a student's class teacher). At the end of each semester, individual students in Years 3 – 6 who receive the most of the ‘Catch You Being Good' Kookaburras are rewarded with a special trip. In the past, students have had fabulous days fishing and bowling. In Kindergarten – Year 2, classes who receive the most of these Kookaburras have the opportunity to celebrate a special day, which has included a trip to the local park.